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Check out some samples of our biography work. But keep in mind that each Biography is UNIQUE! The works below represent the tone and approach that reflects that of each project specifically. To discuss what it is that will make your biography project special, Contact Us to let us know what you’re working on.

Though JAKE CHEYNE has spent his entire life saturated in music, dance and performance, it is the release of his debut album DISCOVERED SPACES that will mark his true musical introduction to the world.

Within the walls of Discovered Spaces, Jake’s discovery sails alive as his compelling combination of rich pop layers among mixed styles of rhythm and blues, rock and soul. By melding hook-filled melody within hard and heavy beats, Cheyne shows his ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a singular …

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It’s a fierce world out there and unless you’re DOLLFACE DIVINE, you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rock outfit—vocalist Wyatt Sheer, guitarists Ben Duty and Tim Semega, bassist Tim Dutkovic and drummer Brette Ciamarra—not only know where they’re going, but have a rock solid history that put them here today. With the 2009 release of the band’s debut EP 2wenty4ourhours, DOLLFACE DIVINE arrives with substance, style and a spirit that captures their …

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CAMERON GREY is speaking to a generation. His platform is hip-hop and the message is simple: shake the cage, talk some sense, and see to it that his peers are inspired to make this the most powerful and knowledgeable age the world has ever seen.

At just 24 years old, Cameron has already traveled a path that has taken him from the depths of a broken home to the top of his game as a songwriter, producer, philanthropist and ultimately, a believer. His attitude and work ethic reflect a mantra that says anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. “Too many people go through life asleep, going day to day without goals, dreams, hopes, or ambitions,” Grey affirms. “I hope and dream that I am able to …

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Los Angeles, California’s THE HANKS are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. What else would explain a blossoming career that has found over 600 shows on six national and nine regional tours, more than 10,000 copies sold of a debut album with no major distribution, and enough of a national fan base to directly finance a sophomore album?

By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, singer/guitarist Josh Grondin, bassist Bryan Harris, drummer Shane Mayo, and keyboardist/horn player Philip Katz have helped to define the landscape of today’s indie-rock music scene. The backbone of their work? Stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influences from Paul Simon to Jimmy Eat World—that hook…

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